Dynamo Gaming (Aadii Sawant ) New Gaming PC Setup 2020

Dynamo Gaming (Aadii Sawant) : For those who don’t aware who this guy is. He’s one of the best gamers and streamers of India. He plays every game with so much dedication and passion. He makes whole India proud by his gaming skills. He currently have 8.51 million subscribers on YouTube. And so he’s of the finest gamers, his setup is also one of the best in world. Following are the things that makes his setup worth streaming.

Dynamo Gaming PC Setup Specification




ASUS TUF Gaming GT301 Mid-Tower Compact Case

ASUS ROG Thor 850 Certified 850W Fully-Modular RGB Power Supply with LiveDash OLED Panel

Western Digital WD Black NVME SN750 1 TB

ZOTAC Gaming GEFORCE RTX 2080 Ti 11GB Twin Fan 11GB GDDR6 Graphics Card

ASRock Z490 Taichi Supports 10 th Gen Intel Core TM Processors Motherboard

Intel Core i9-10900K Desktop Processor 10 Cores up to 5.3 GHz Unlocked

Team 16GB (2 x 8GB) T-Force Delta II RGB Series DDR4

The best thing a gamer can own is the Tuf gaming gt301 case.
Asus Tuf gaming gt301 ATX mid-tower compact case with tempered glass side panel, honeycomb front panel, 120mm aura addressable RGB fan, VGA holder, headphone hanger and 360mm radiator support.
It gives user a very stylish look.
One of the best part about is it has customized headphone hook which can be hanged both sides.
And one of the most useful thing about this is its extensive storage options i.E.. Up to 2 HDD (trays included) and 6x SDD (2x dedicated bracket included, one is on the power supply shroud) mounting locations. This is more than enough for any gamer. One cannot want more.
What makes it so different from others are its water-cooling technique. It has space reserved for 280/360mm water-cooling radiators in front and 120mm at the rear.

The rog thor 850w platinum features a 135mm wing-blade fan, OLED power display and 100% Japanese capacitors. It enhances the stability and durability with Japanese capacitors which guarantees 89% efficiency at 100% load and 92% at 50% load. Real-time power draw monitoring with an OLED power display. This thing is loaded with everything at maximum overclock, even the 2080ti, you can feel very confident that the system won’t suddenly fail. It’s absolutely silent, no coil whine with up 600 watts sustained. If the fan ever turns on it must be very quiet because we have not heard it yet. This is based on a Seasonic platinum 1200 – an extremely high quality PSU, with upgraded internals. You can easily unleash you PC’s hardware with this beast which will outshine the competition.

One of the key things to complete your setup is Western Digital WD Black NVME SN750 1 TB M.2 2280-S3-M PCIe Gen3 Internal Solid State Drive (WDS100T3X0C). It will take your gaming experience and performance to the next level. It is especially for the hardware enthusiasts who are looking to build or upgrade their PC. The SN750 is an M.2 2280 SSD with the option of a heatsink for longer peak performance, though it will take up more space. With the WD Black SN750, the company is specifically focusing on PC gamers. The WD Black SN750 provides mainstream performance, planting itself middle to upper-middle in most of the tests. As per the performance, this device has a good opportunity to appeal to a broad customer base.

A complete gaming setup must contain a decent graphic card, how about the best one? The Zotac graphic card can be your idol device for all the gaming needs. The Zotac RTX 2080 ti is a large graphics card, measuring 10.55” in length, 4.45” tall, and 1.5” thick. Zotac uses two 90mm fans fitted to the full card size heat sink. Geforce RTX gaming GPUs come loaded with next-generation gddr6 memory, support for DirectX 12 features, and more. This is a graphics reinvented. New Turing architecture, real-time raytracing, dlss with deep learning ai. This graphic card can take your gaming to an advanced level which will also help the gamers to stream smoothly and effortlessly.

After correctly analyzing and evaluating the motherboard we can easily say that this can be your best choice of device for comforting and satisfying gaming and working. The Z490 Taichi is an impressively constructed motherboard with some significantly above-average components. With features like 10th Gen and future generation Intel Core Processors (Socket 1200), 15 Phase Dr.MOS Power Design, it also supports DDR4 4666MHz+ (OC), NVIDIA SLI TM, AMD 3-Way CrossFireX. The motherboard’s two addressable RGB headers and two plain RGB headers allow me to control all the lighting effects from a single app. You can easily enhance your gaming experience to the top of the level by adding this to your setup.

The intel core i9-10900k is a worthy and outstanding processor to enjoy the best gaming experience with the smoothest of the performance. This is hands down a beast of a CPU. However, even with liquid cooling (evga clc 360mm all-in-one RGB led CPU liquid cooler, 3x fx12 120mm) it still reaches thermal limits during prime 95 (mix of both ram and CPU testing). The ram runs at 4000mhz. The core i9-10900k is able to hit a whopping 5.3ghz in bursty workloads – but only on a single core. This high burst clock speed is thanks to intel thermal velocity boost (TVB) technology, which was introduced in the mainstream with the core i9-9900k. All the features boost the power of this processor.

This desktop memory model provides you with great specs and also it looks great with all four slots taken up. Noticed some improvement with these added. Though to be fair, we didn’t need them, its just a safety net we’d like to have as we are constantly multitasking with background programs. Great for memory and speed and the t-force delta RGB DDR4 lights sync up with our RGB mystic light greatly.

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